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From Revitalizing Historic Districts to the Slammer: Craig Dieffenbach Pleads Guilty to Federal Drug Charges

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It hasn't been easy being Craig Dieffenbach in the past couple of years. Before his recent run-ins with the law, Dieffenbach was known as an influential real estate developer, one who made concerted efforts to revitalize the historic districts of Everett and more recently, Columbia City. But then he decided to get a little too entrepreneurial and stray from the real estate world in which he knew so well. That's when he decided to try his hand in the liquor branding business, only to be sued by the Jimi Hendrix estate for violating a trademark infringement of the late local artist.

Rather than going back to his real estate roots, Dieffenbach heralded his comeback by establishing Seattle Cannabis Co-Op. He certainly made a splash, as in November 2010, the DEA busted the "entrepreneur" for smuggling large quantities of marijuana across state lines. Dieffenbach continued to make headlines, as Seattle Weekly reported that on Monday, August 20, he pleaded guilty to charges of (co-)owning a "crooked medical pot dispensary" and now must fork up $25,000 and up to five years in the slammer. (What might be even more embarrassing is the fact that he may have boosted his own business morale by "anonymously" raving about the business on Yelp.)

And to think that he was just weeks away from acquiring his brokers license and getting his life back on straight and narrow real estate track. So close, yet so far away.

[Photo by KOMO News]

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