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Would You Rather...Foxy Boxy Modern Build Edition

Houses with a modern architectural aesthetic are flying off the proverbial real estate shelves. Of the nearly three dozen new constructions listed on the market sporting a foxy boxy-build in 2012, only a few remain. While the differentiating factors between these two moderns are slight (as both over-indulge on using Ikea products), there are some variances in the interior aesthetic and layout that perhaps are indicative of personality. So it begs the question: which modern best describes you and which would you rather live in?

Option One
With the color palette focused on various hues of browns, grays, and whites, this 3-bed, 2.5-bath home in Seaview is potentially ideal for persons trying to cut the fat from live and endeavoring to lead a life of modern simplicity. It's the kind of no-frills (while still somewhat aesthetically pleasing) place that might serve as the location for quiet, biannual wine and cheese parties with fellow seventh floor coworkers. And with 2,285 sq. ft. of space, there will be plenty of room to accommodate a live-in maid because let's face it, the (OCD) owners of this house do not and will not live in dusty, dirty environments. (Their allergies just wouldn't allow it.) Newly unleashed onto the market, this 2012 modern is going for $719,000.

· Listing: 5011 47th St. SW [Estately]

Option Two

Perhaps it's the exterior's resemblance to a neighborhood Seattle Public Library, or maybe it's just the warm tones and open layout of the interior. Regardless, this 4-bed, 2.5-bath right down the road from it's competitor in Seaview offers more a homey, cozy feel to it -- the kind of place where well-off creative types might often host Wednesday night dinner parties with a dozen of their closest friends. Although the owners might not be thrilled about having their bamboo floors scratched up, they might also be the softie, dog-loving type who would rather have their floors a little scratched up for the sake of keeping the labradoodle content and happy. For those who believe that the home is a place to be relaxed in, this 2,646 sq. ft. home will cost $699,950.

· Listing: 4845 48th Ave SW [Estately]

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