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Move Over, Met Market, Trader Joe's is Coming to Town

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Mourn and weep no more in a valley of tears over the loss of the Metropolitan Market atop Queen Anne, for there's a new, equally-loved grocery chain that already has decided to set up shop in Met Market's old locale. Wielding delicious treats and cases of Charles Shaw's finest, Trader Joe's has officially snagged the spot and is slated to open its doors at the end of 2014.

As the anchor tenant of the new Emerald Bay development, this new Trader Joe's is getting the royal treatment. The Queen Anne View has reported that the old Met Market building has already been gutted and prepped for demolition and a historic apartment building next door will soon meet a a similar fate to make room for a complex that will house more retail space, 94 parking spots, as well as 106 residential units. And to really allow Trader Joe's to stretch its proverbial grocer-legs, the tentative plan/hope is that the new 15,000 sq. ft. location will sell liquor to offer a kind of one-stop-shop kind of (food) shopping experience.
Fingers crossed.

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