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DIY-ers Dream House with Modern Potential

Sure, the dilapidated warehouse-looking exterior might suggest that only modern Boo Radleys could find solace here, but that's because enthustiastic DIY-ers have yet to be formally introduced to this house. Handyman visionaries will notice that this 1,196 sq. ft. shack in Browns Point built in the late '80s already has the architectural framework to become a real modern -- the boxy, window-happy kind folks in the Northwest are drooling over. The "rustic cabin" interior needs a complete overhaul (or something to break up the wood-on-wood-on-brick action that is reminiscent of campground bathrooms). But the exterior already has all the goods, the architectural makings to become modern- fab. Just throw on a coat of paint, relocate the satellite dish, and tear down the faux solar panel awning out front and voila -- a modern is born! The cost of modern frameworks in Browns Point these-a-days will run you $149,000.

· 5411 29th St. NE [Windermere]