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Would You Rather...Your House as a Hotel Edition

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Most folks like staying in swanky hotels for one of three reasons: 1) Someone else will tidy up the room, no matter how gnarly you leave it; 2) getting a room at such an establishment generally means you're on vacation or on a company (paid) business trip; and/or 3) the place has fabulous views, a pool of some sort, and overall, is nicer than your place back home. But the question is would living in a hotel, day in, day out be nearly as enjoyable? Here are two hotel-like listings in Western Washington to help you visualize the life you would lead as a permanent resident of luxurious, temporary "housing."

Option One

Although this remodeled house out in Hunts Point only sports 3-beds and 3.25-baths, the layout and aesthetic screams chic "mini" hotel. The combination of gigantic, perfectly Windex-ed windows overlooking Lake Washington, the dramatic two-tiered staircase, the second story "ramp" connecting the two sides of the house, the general open floor plan, and first floor lobby set up are just the tip of the iceberg. Then, throw in an elevator, a sauna, a gym, a patio that flows easily into the acre of park-like grounds, a 1,500 sq. ft. guest house, and a couple of fireplaces, and suddenly you find yourself releasing a deep sigh of contentment while you gaze wistfully at the water in your Hawaiian shirt, sipping on your third Manhattan while the sun still blazes directly overhead. Shacking up in this hotel isn't cheap, as it'll cost $8.98 million. If that sounds terribly daunting, try divvying up the price by a daily rate that you'll just pay for the rest of your life.

Listing: 3805 Hunts Point Rd. [Estately]

Option Two

Perhaps you're hardcore Pacific Northwest and modern chichi is not really your style. Here's an alternative "getaway" residence in Fauntleroy that feels a little more homey. This 4-bed, 6,130 sq. ft. house is one of only 12 in this gated community that shares 2.29 acres, giving it more of a rental property vibe than a traditional swank-tastic hotel. The on-property features definitely add to the temporary vacation home feel, especially considering it includes a beach side guest cottage, boat house, tennis and basketball court, patio, deck, private heated pool, hot tub, and is within walking distance of the beach and Puget Sound. The only catch to this chill Northwest property is that it'll run you an obscene $18 million big ones. Apparently the cost of living out the rest of your life in an environment oozing with relaxation will be incredibly stressful on you (and your bank account).

Listing: 9345 Fauntleroy Wy SW Unit H [Redfin]