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One Hull of a Home

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"If you built it, they will come." That's Mike Auderer's motto for his latest houseboat project. As the man who designed (and currently resides in) the Olympia-based, first-of-its-kind environmentally friendly, micro-houseboat, "Sweet Pea," Auderer is already working on his next "labor of love" that will be bigger, greener, and, as of now, is up for grabs. At 38 feet long and 14 feet wide, the current project is a foot wider, offering someday-residents 60 more sq. ft. than Sweet Pea. The goal is to also achieve a level four or five on the Built Green rating, making it "greener" and more energy efficient.

Unlike Sweet Pea, which Auderer essentially built for himself, the new unnamed houseboat has yet to claim an owner.

"The hull is done and it's pretty much a slab right now," explains Auderer. "But [the houseboat] is at a great point in its life right now, that if someone were to come on board right now, they'd be choose and pick out the exterior and interior finishes."

The price is still up in the air (as it probably depends if the potential buyer wants part of the interior to include a gold-plated headboard...or something), but the good news is that this houseboat will be ready for move-in by the end of September, still time enough to catch those quickly waning days of rays.