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Meet the Mini House in Greenlake

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No doubt about it: tiny houses are (literally) a small architectural feat and micro houses are certainly impressive. But as rare as both of those types of residential housing may be, it's even more peculiar for one to run across a "mini house." That's what we've dubbed this one-story pad in Greenlake. Sporting only 750 sq. ft. on a 1,481 sq. ft. lot, this 1-bed, 1-bath house is unlike any other miniature home (on land) that we've seen in a while. We're mostly impressed that the place has room for an energy efficient wood stove, a washer and dryer, and can pack that much teal in one kitchen. Apparently, the going rate for "mini houses" such as these is $269,900, which appears to be on par with neighboring move in-ready listings of comparable size.

Listing: 7209 Fremont Ave N [Zillow]