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Private Mini Water Park For Sale in Auburn

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Anyone can flip on a ceiling fan and chew on ice chips to survive those four Seattle summer days when the 90-degree, humidity-less heat feels unbearable to the fair weather-accustomed population. But that's amateur hour. The semi-pro Seattleites have an in-ground pool out back and the capability to irresponsibly blast air conditioning throughout the whole house. Alas, the major leaguers, the big boys, the real pros have their own a mini water park in the backyard. And we're not talking about a rookie tarp and suds slip-n-slide kind of deal. This 2.1 acre property in Auburn knows how to enjoy the summer with their custom-built pool complete with water slide, waterfall, and hot tub. Plus, there is tons of space for entertaining what with the deck, patio, built-in stainless steel barbecue, and (if the current residents don't take it with them) an outdoor heat lamp. All of the nifty outdoor features helps to gloss over the sometimes gaudy 5,100 sq. ft. interior that comes with the works: a jetted tub with mountain views, a second kitchen, French doors, and skylights. And (and!) there's a total seven covered parking spots and a detached, but rather scary looking apartment on site where you can, at the very least, house all the pool floaties, tiki torches, and buckets of sunscreen that the future owners are sure to amass. Price tag on this mini water park is a mere $1.3 million -- a small price to pay for not having to endure the lines donning Aquasox at Wild Waves...

Listing: 802 W St. NW [Redfin]