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An Example When Honesty May Not Be the Best Policy

When these folks posted a Craigslist ad to sell or swap their land in the tiny town of Tonasket (don't feel bad -- we also just found out it's in north central Washington) to move to Mukilteo, the pitch sounded mildly enticing for those who dig the country life. Who wouldn't love to live in 40 acres of land with a mountain view in a place that has 300 days of sunshine while still calling Washington home? Maybe the person who doesn't want to live, as they call it, in an "Ugly Old Mobile Home!" Granted, they're only asking for $70,000 or a " reasonable offer" for what looks like a pretty decent plot of land, but still, calling your place of residence "ugly" right off the bat doesn't quite scream home, sweet home us. Hopefully the college-bound son for whom they're relocating will take a class or two on marketing and give the 'rents a tip or two for the next time around.

· Craigslist: Housing Swap