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Bainbridge Island Predicted the Architectural Future

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Who knew Bainbridge Island architecture possessed the wherewithal to see into the future? At least that's what this two-toned, mid-90s build with boxy exterior suggests. Perhaps this 3-bed, 3,515 sq. ft. house anticipated shocking visitors from the future, as the second floor of this 2012 modern look-a-like appears to have a small gallery/museum feel to it -- what with the huge, vaulted ceilings and the steely staircase and railings -- as though to encourage visitors to come on over and gawk. Once onlookers pick up their jaws from the pristine floors, they can amble outside onto any one of the patios or walk down to the water and continue to ogle at the bay. Price tag: $1.195 million.

· Listing: 12145 Arrow Point Lp NE [Estately]