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Hempfest Alternative: Backyard Urban Farms for Green-Thumbs

In 2011, a Seattle Times reporter detailed how easy it was to walk up to two naturopathic doctors running a makeshift authorization clinic at Hempfest and with no medical records in hand, dish out a couple hundreds and receive a perfectly legal medical marijuana card. Now that the Department of Health has filed charges against the two "physicians" and festival organizers have banned such kind of pot-authorizations, a repeat, open-air performance is not likely.

Thus, while not everyone may be able to partake in this year's "green" festivities, might we suggest one in which all can indulge? Here is a list of backyard urban farms ideal for green-thumbed Western Washingtonians to try their hand at a little gardening. And with the size of these plots, the vegetation options abound, as they're big enough for carrots, tomatoes, zucchini, and all kinds of leafy greens to help keep residents bowls full of treats for months to come.

· 1025 SW 151st St. -- Burien -- 3-bed, 1,010 sq. ft., 7,620 sq. ft. lot; $199,000
· 9828 Crystal Lake Dr. -- Woodinville -- 4-bed, 3,390 sq. ft., 0.63 acre lot; $649,900
· 712 19th St. SE -- Auburn -- 3-bed, 2,140 sq. ft., 0.83 acre lot; $220,000
· 12024 Eckenstam Johnson Rd -- Anderson Island -- 5-bed, 4,532 sq. ft., 20.92 acre lot; $998,000
· 42217 276th Pl. SE -- Enumclaw -- 3-bed, 2,100 sq. ft., 16 acre lot; $550,000

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