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Shuttle to Mars to Shack Up on Curiosity Lane

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We always knew those Seattle-based real estate gurus at Estately were apt at providing the most up-to-date listings in the area for the good people of our city to peruse. But little did we know what a pioneering spirit they possessed, as a tipster has let us know that they have begun their efforts to start colonizing the good planet of Mars.

Star Wars fantasies can finally be(gin to be) realized, for now interested parties can snag what looks to be a 1-bed, 1,680 sq. ft. new build on Curiosity Lane, Mars. It's the perfect locale for those who enjoy "living in nature" in pseudo-isolation; are disinterested in befriending pushy, fruit cake-wielding neighbors; and will relish being a few hundred million miles removed from the political jibber jabber. Actually, as far as we know, Mars has no known organized government yet, so buying a place on this planet could be prime for social and political experimentation. (But first, be sure to run it by the fierce coalition of bushy-tailed squirrels that apparently inhabit the planet. They do not look like they want to be crossed.)

But may we suggest that gardeners, lovers of all things aquatic, and those who depend on late night (or any time) delivery for sustenance stay keep two feet firmly planted on the planet of blue and green, as it is inevitable that homesickness will set in. And while it may be feasible to fork up the $2.5 million to space shuttle out there once, it may start getting a little too pricey to jet back and forth with any kind of regularity.

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