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Move Out of the Doghouse and into Apartments

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Good news, renting pet owners! (That is, those who rent apartments and also own pets, and not so much those who rent pets...) surveyed renters nationwide and recently released results indicating a spike in pet ownership, with almost 43 percent of those surveyed claiming they own at least one four-legged amigo and 25 percent planning on acquiring one by the end of the year. Free-lovin', animal-adoring Washington state ranked number 13 on the list behind California, Texas, and Florida.

So what does that mean other than knowing that Seattleites love them some furry, four-legged friends? Because of the increasing trend in pet ownership among renters, many apartment managers are becoming more lenient in their pet policies. In other words, you and Buster the Bulldog won't have as much trouble finding a place to live, as over half the surveyed population reported that their apartments allow live-in pets. But while apartment communities and the managers are becoming more accommodating, security deposits are also rising, as many report that they may have to fork out upwards of $200 for man's best friend to live with them.

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