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Hair Salon for Sale! House Included!

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Understandably, not everyone can afford to buy their own hair salon and then hope that Tabitha and her snark-tastic ways will come by and feature the slumming place of business on an episode of "Tabitha's Salon Takeover" to raise it from the ashes. Thus, here's a quiet (and more practical) alternative for the ladies and the fellas who want to stay classy and sassy while styling others' hair. This 4-bed, 2.680 sq. ft. home in Ballard has all the amenities necessary to live a "normal" life with the fam, while also sporting a room equipped for small-scale salon work. As a short sale, this place is fairly affordable, clocking in at $520,000 -- chopped from the initial $575,000.

· Listing: 9210 28th Ave NW [Estately]