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Lt. Governor Candidate Bill Finkbeiner for Lietenant Makes Low-Res Music Video with Nirvana Bassist Krist Novoselic

[Video by finkbeinerbill]

Have you heard? Republican Lt. Governor candidate Bill Finkbeiner has been everywhere. To prove it, he pulled out the big guns and teamed up with Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic to make a low-res music video to country jam "I've Been Everywhere." Comprised of a series of flashing still photos, the musical gem sadly doesn't actually show the unlikely duo together. But to hear Finkbeiner's tenor-toned promises that he will "make the Senate fair, man" with the strumming of Novoselic's bass-accustomed fingers makes one have hope in the future of America.

Note: those prone to motion sickness should pop a Dramamine or two before delving right in, as Finkbeiner's fast-motion pictorial proof that he's been everywhere can be a little (delightfully) overwhelming.

· Lt. Governor candidate Bill Finkbeiner makes music video with Nirvana bassist [The Captiol Record]