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Best Sonics-Related Barters and Finds with which to Decorate Your House (and Sonics Shrine)

The town's all a-buzz with news about the new arena, heralding Chris Hansen as Seattle's basketball savior. Seemingly gleaning off that spirit, folks are (more than usual) into the Sonics gear-acquiring kind of mood, as evidenced by recent ads posted on Craigslist. Here are the best bartering offers and goods we've found, the latter of which are ideal to begin decorating your Sonics shrine to reminisce about the glory days and get pumped up for the rebirth of basketball in Seattle.

1) "Old Fashioned Milk Jug"

This Puyallup-dweller is hoping that his red, dented and worn milk jug will be good enough to be traded for "vintage sonics [sic] jerseys." Unless the owner of said vintage apparel is a grandmother living in farm country who was gifted the jersey from clueless grandkids, such a barter is not likely.

2) "Will trade my labor for cool stuff"

If you have "sonics stuff" you want to get rid of and have a treehouse you want built for the kids or a leaky roof you want patched up, give Chad a ring. He says he does "remodels, some mechanic work and can build pretty much anything" and will trade it for Sonics gear. Just don't make him mad because he's also willing to trade his labor for "weapons of all kinds"...

3) "Signed sonics basketball from all the players of 96-97 season"

Optimism is in the air with this deal. While it's certainly neat to have a basketball with Sonics greats' John Hancock on them, it's hard to say whether anyone is so die-hard of a fan that they're willing to give up a "working laptop" or a full out patio set for a piece of rounded leather with scribbles on it. Although we can't blame interested parties on this one -- what a great start to the shrine this would be.

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