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"Lady Luck" Graces Magnolia in the Form of New Townhomes

Described as "a village within a town within a city", the new 7-unit construction called "Lucky 7" just went on the market today. Though we would hardly constitute 7 units within two buildings a "village," we can certainly appreciate the psuedo-community idea behind Playhouse Design Group's latest townhouse creation in Magnolia. Per their website, the two buildings have been dubbed "Lady Luck" and "Handsome Manor" with some "gazillion square feet of living space" between them.

While we can only postulate guesses as to why the four units in the leftmost building are particularly fortune inclined, we dig the modern look, both inside and out. The street-facing "Lady Luck" building constructed to 4-Star Built Green standards is comprised of two (twin) 3-bedroom units, each with an open floor plan and 1,415 sq. ft. in which to play around. Backyards aren't really a "thing" with these properties, but that's probably on purpose so you are forced to head to a park or some place with greener pastures, lest you get stuck never leaving the village-within-town-within-city microcosm. Price tag on either one of the 3-bed "Lady Luck" units: $449,000 a piece.

· Listing: 2647 A 22nd Ave W [Estately]
· Playhouse Design [official site]