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Meet Rob Lowe, Erector of Capitol Hill's Lego Windows

Hobbies are not something that folks on Capitol Hill struggle in finding. Take Rob Lowe, for instance. While his hunky heartthrob name twin is known as a Hollywood star, Lowe has earned his own kind of celebrity on Cap Hill through a not-so-likely medium: legos.

For some time now, Lowe has been constructing lego sets and displaying them in the ground floor window of his apartment on E Denny Way for anyone's viewing pleasure. He's built a mini city with all the necessities for his lego friends to live a happy life in the window including a haunted castle, an ice cream stand, a fire station, a boat dock, along with other attributes that fill cities like garbage trucks, streetlights, and trees in full bloom. But the only thing that we're really curious about are the hours that the SLOG has reported when the blinds are open -- 2 PM - 3 AM. Is that the witching hour for legos when they come alive and close the blinds themselves?

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