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Fighting Small-Lot Developments: Alternative Development Sites

So you say you're looking for land on which to build, hence the recent abundance of backyard house and small-lot development. The whole point is to maximize the land you have, to work with what you've got -- we get it, and to an extent, have to applaud your pseudo-entrepreneurial, go get 'em attitude. But now that these properties have generated a good deal of negative attention, causing a temporary "ban" on many new constructions on said small lots, alternatives must be sought out. While certainly nothing beats "free" (i.e. already owned) land, there are a plethora of fairly affordable plots of land for under $100K in Seattle available for development. We figure it's easier than trying to work yet another loophole and restart the trend of underground homes.

· 3429 33rd Ave SW -- West Seattle -- 4,165 sq. ft. lot; $24,900
· 1515 Lakeview Blvd E #1519 -- Capitol Hill -- 3,750 sq. ft. lot; $90,000
· 2007 17th Ave S -- North Beacon Hill -- 6,000 sq. ft. lot, $79,000
· 3100 W Harvey St -- Magnolia -- 6,325 sq. ft. lot; $60,000
· 4614 44th Ave S -- Columbia City -- 7,200 sq. ft. lot; $99,500


2025 1st Avenue, #6, Seattle, WA 98121