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Decision 2012: Alien Bedroom Seduction or Merlin's Childhood Room of Narcissism

For reasons largely unknown, Seattle has become a breeding ground, a hotbed, if you will of "creativity" and generally bizarre ideas. Nevertheless, we at Curbed Seattle are constantly awed by the truly inspired decorating choices of folks around these parts, mostly wondering from where such inspiration first germinated. The question, then, is which do you find less/more delightfully egregious?

1) Modern Bedroom of Alien Seduction

This 6-bed 4,550 sq. ft. home in Queen Anne looks fairly "normal" from the outside, as does most of the interior. Some of the art featured is a little off-kilter, but hey, art is in the eye of the beholder, is it not? But ah, all is made clear when we found that the inhabitants/decorators of the house were not of this world, as evidenced by the master bedroom. We can only presume that these alien life forms were from Uranus or Jupiter, as the Saturn light fixture hanging at the foot of the alien starship bed was probably installed to make the room have a view that "feels like home." The exchange rate must be pretty steep these days too, as the rate of alien lovin' is going for $2.45 million.

· Listing: 362 Prospect St. [Estately]

2) Merlin's Childhood Room of Festering Narcissism

Behold the lair of Merlin's childhood -- a sizable room in this 3-bed, 1,700 sq. ft. home in Madison Valley. Clearly, the boy decorated it himself, what with the plush chaise lounge and playful gold stars painted on the walls. But little did we know he struggled with such narcissism, as there are ten -- count 'em, ten -- mirrors of varying size in which to lovingly stroke and admire his prematurely grown white beard. Since this home was where he lived before he "made it big," his parents were able to get by paying a meager $370,000.

· Listing: 2918 E John St. [Estately]