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Floating Stairwell Causes Confusion Amid an Ikea Explosion

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With the exception of the hook 'em horns hanging atop the master bed, this 3-bed, 2-bath modern remodel looks like incurred an Ikea invasion. Everything from the artwork to the kitchen apparatus from which an obscene number of wine glasses hang to even the outlandish neon paint job screams Swedish explosion. That is, everything except the "floating stairwell" in the living room area. We can't tell if this is meant to provoke discussion, serve as an artistic metaphor for the ultimate futility in endeavoring to climb the social ladder, or if there's actually some kind of cool secret trap door that leads upstairs. Regardless of its purpose, it clearly works, as here we are, still staring at it...Price tag for either poor design or thought provoking artwork: $675,000.

· Listing: 1701 30th Ave S [Estately]