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Plans Continue for Future of David Weatherford Antiques

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Things are moving along for the proposed mixed-use project in the Downtown/Central District area. In early December, the four of the five members of the City of Seattle's Department of Planning and Development's (DPD) East Design Review Board convened to discuss preliminary details of the proposed building. Developers are looking to demolish the single family residence-turned commercial use building and convert it into a four-story structure that is to include 46 residential units built atop live/work units on the ground floor.

Although a slew of concerns were raised about the new project, one of the main concerns was a "lack of information regarding the historic nature of the existing building." Insofar as we could find in our preliminary digging, the most notable historic objection council members could make is that what currently houses David Weatherford Antiques built in 1902 served as a studio/home to early twentieth century artistic photographer, Myra Albert Wiggins.

A meeting will be held on September 19 at Seattle U to consider "recommendations" about going forth in the proposed designs.

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· Seattle Department of Planning Development [official site]