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Ballard Makes Jail-Resort Style Condos a Cozy Place to Live

Despite the jail-resort vibe that the exterior of Lockshore Condominiums effuses, the interior of the 1-bed, 704 sq. ft., newly listed first floor unit is, by relative standards, lovely. We can only venture a guess that some crazy 20-something with Superman hero-aspirations teamed up with liquid courage and tried to defy the laws of physics off the second-story stairwell into the pool and toppled over, falling a little short. If one can ignore the aggressive vertical railings and the feeling of being caged in, then this condo overlooking the Ballard Locks is actually a fairly decent deal, especially considering its location. The going rate for jail resorts (with a view of the real world!): $198,500, plus $368/month in HOA dues.

· Listing: 3200 W Commodore Wy #109 [Redfin]


2025 1st Avenue, #6, Seattle, WA 98121