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Where Urban Living and Agriculture Collide: GreenHouse Apartments are Columbia City's First Since 1969

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Break out the bubbly and the bundt cakes: Columbia City's newest apartment project, GreenHouse Apartments will welcome its very first residents this weekend. While we typically don't whip ourselves into a excitement-induced frenzy over the daily moving habits of the city's residents, this one caught our eye, as these tenants will be the first to be moved into a new market-rate apartment project in Columbia City since 1969. That's right -- the CC hasn't seen a straight-up, at market cost-leased apartment development since the Nixon Administration.

And it's not just any old brick and mortar building. Seattle-based Harbor Urban, LLC teamed up with Runberg Architecture Group to make sure that the new project fit with the progressive vision of both Harbor Urban and the pedestrian-friendly neighborhood. To prove it, GreenHouse Apartments lives up to its name with green features up the wazoo. Not only is the place LEED Gold certified, but it also offers tenants irrigated rooftop gardening plots, a rooftop greenhouse, and a bevy of edible trees and shrubbery concentrated around the property. And as though that weren't enough to satisfy prospective green-minded tenants of this city, Harbor Urban made sure that this 124-unit apartment building was within walking distance of the Light Rail so that folks can maintain their environmentally responsible way of life even after walking out the front door.

As of now, 50 percent of the units have already been leased in this urban architectural doozie. So put your game faces on: it's time to get your garden on.

· Listing: 3701 S. Hudson St. [GreenhHouse Apartments]