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Far and Few Between: Live-Work Spaces Available in Seattle

Unlike other cities that feature a great number of live-work spaces, Seattle, a town perhaps that by relative standards is hardly a city teeming with workaholics, has few. That is to say, that currently on the market, there are only a handful of sizable units that fit the category. Here are three of the most notable, starting with the most recent listings.

1) 1512 Alaskan Wy #010
Price tag: $1.2 million
Square footage: 1,990
The low-down: Located directly across from the Seattle Aquarium, this ground floor unit in the Fix Building recently hit the market offering within a full kitchen, a full bathroom, and three tandem parking spaces available to rent for $250/month for each. HOA dues clock in at $670/month

2) 516 Yale Ave N #600
Price tag: $1.3 million
Square footage: 2,237
The low-down: This Eastlake unit sits on the sixth floor of a 7-story tall building designed by famed architect, Tom Kundig. Called the "Art Stable", the place boasts an open floor plan and killer views of the Space Needle and the skyline. As expected, the HOA dues aren't cheap, ringing in at $611/month.

3) 3601 S McClellan St Unit C8
Price tag: $599,000
Square footage: 1,793
The low-down: Situated in the Art Deco brick building in Mount Baker, this South Seattle unit seems to have all its ducks in line. Per the listing, the space is currently being used by a landscape design studio and offers room enough for several private offices, a large and open floor plan for almost a dozen work stations, a full kitchen, full bath, and a large conference room. And if that's not enough, it comes with a dumb waiter as well. HOA dues are the priciest by far, coming in at $691/month.