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Leschi Home Fights the Power, Tells Neighbors and Government (and Obama) to "Kiss Their Booty"

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A million dollar Leschi home is being remodeled much to the chagrin of neighbors. Initially a hull of a home purchased in 1989 for a mere $50,000, the place is undergoing a major face lift. According to The Stranger, couple Randall Spaan and Betty Lock have applied for permits over the past eight years to build what is becoming a towering four-story monstrosity. The main issue here is that the over-sized home now on a 4,632 sq. ft. lot that seems too small to hold it also further blocks already hindered views of Mount Rainier from many of the homes to the north.

As though the stick-it-to-the-man philosophy Spaan and Lock adopted wasn't proven enough by their blatant disregard to neighbors' concerns, the residents elected to hang street facing signage to really hammer home the point. The banner serves several purposes, for not only does it establish their political leanings, but also works as a classic (misguided) American motivational poster originating from our nation's lore. In essence, this house is a tangible reminder of what it means to be an American: that in the face of adversity and naysayers, it is essential one pick himself up up from his bootstraps and follow one's dreams. That's how capitalism goes. That's the spirit America runs on. (Well that and Dunkin' Donuts.)

God bless America.

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