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Shepherding the Souls of Sumner: Church for Sale

Either Seattle is comprised of a bunch of hippie heathens or there's a hidden mega church that everyone's hitting up on Sundays. This is the second church we've seen listed on the market in the King County area, although the one in South Seattle had what looked to be a mini-mart day job to keep it afloat for a while...The listing states that "[t]he features on this campus will allow the right congregation to grow & flourish for a long time", suggesting perhaps, that by purchasing these 4-building parcel on 1.05 acres, the prospective buyer automatically becomes some bizarre lay-minister in charge of the daily goings-on of the First Pentecostal Church. In addition to a 5,180 sq. ft. church that can accommodate at least 300 parishioners, the lot also comes with a 7,872 sq. ft. "education building," a 3-bed, 1,750 sq. ft. home, and a sizable 4,032 sq. ft. fellowship hall. Feeling up to the challenge of fostering the faith of the souls of South King County? First order of business: dish out $1.745 million to keep the place afloat.

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