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Clyde Hill Ranks Number 2 on "Best Suburban Places to Live" in the United States

Usually overshadowed by neighboring affluence-concentrated powerhouses, Clyde Hill generally flies under the radar. Maybe that's because around these parts, Clyde Hill is considered a hyper exaggerated neighborhood of Bellevue's in terms of its concentration of wealth. After all, this area snagged the number four slot out of 522 in Washington State for highest per capita incomes, only falling behind places like Mercer Island, Hunts Point, and Medina. While it is considered a city of its own, it "feels" more like a nabe in that only 2,984 people call Clyde Hill home, according to the 2010 census numbers. So we can't say that we're particularly surprised with Coldwell Banker's findings that the city was the number 2 "best" suburban place to live across the nation. And they have a fun infographic to "prove" it.

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