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The Mercer Island House with All the Odd Shaped Rooms

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The phrases "artistic retreat" and "Mercer Island" don't usually find themselves in the same sentence unless uttered by a hipster trustifarian with daddy's credit card tucked away in his wallet. But those are the exact words paired together in the listing for this 4-bed, 2,670 sq. ft. house enshrouded by trees. Perhaps the assumed appeal to artists is the unconventional shape of the house, as it seems that not one room in the house bears four 90 degree angles. And if that doesn't inspire the creation of crazy art, then maybe the views of Lake Washington from any one of the three decks might help. But it so seems that the artistically-inclined that this house is "meant" for aren't biting, as this place has gone through three price chops and now clocks in at $799,000, over $100K less than its original $935,000 asking price.

· Listing: 4320 Forest Ave [Coldwell Banker]