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Lena Park IN as New Editor of Curbed Seattle

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Ladies and gents: it's our distinct pleasure to announce that longtime Curbed Seattle contributor and recent guest editor Lena Park is assuming the editor's chair here, effective immediately. After living on both coasts, Park returned to her roots in the PNW where she plans to live, in her words, "for. ev. er." You can tell that she's from the Northwest, not only because she dabbles in composting and has become a part-time coffee snob, but mostly because of her constant struggle with this version of the chicken and egg debate: was she a masochist before she started to love the perpetual rain or did the rain make force her into becoming a masochist? In either way, welcome, Lena.

Meantime, as always, your tips and scoops remain the lifeblood of this site. If you've got word on what's going up, what's coming down, or any gossip that you think might tickle us, drop an email to Your anonymity is assured. Reach out and say hello; we'd love to hear from you.