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Seattle's Top Three Private Outdoor Pools to Get Your Tan on

Clocking in at 44 days on Tuesday, Seattle is slowly inching towards its record of 51 days without rain. Suddenly, a city so known for its green habits and environmental concerns grows deaf to the sound of melting ice caps and squawks of displaced Emperor Penguins, for its residents are too busy rejoicing, basking --even tanning! -- in the hot-hot heat of which our Vitamin-D Seattle population is usually deprived. But before we start jumping back on the environmental bandwagon to lament global warming, we of all residents of all cities deserve to enjoy the prolonged sunshine, guilt-free. After all, it could be gone next week. For months.

While many outdoor public pools have been shut down for the season, there are a few private ones in the city that don't require sucking up to your obnoxious neighbor to lounge by it. Granted, they're in some of Seattle's nicest hotels, but by paying a little extra, patrons won't have to worry about shrieking kids or the possibility of finding mysterious substances in the water.

(And don't feel absurd going to a hotel in the city you live in. The sun makes you do crazy things -- so live a little.)

3) Hilton, Bellevue

Room rates: At least $179/night
The pool low-down: While it doesn't have a ton of hoity toity bells and whistles, this hotel's pool has two things in its favor: it's heated to keep you warm even when the sun goes down and it's in Bellevue. That is, you can feel a little less outlandish as a Seattleite staying at a hotel because you're not technically in "your city."

2) Silver Cloud Hotel, Stadium District

Room rates: At least $249/night
The pool low-down: Two words: rooftop pool. It's exclusive and generally uncrowded, meaning extra lounging space for you. And you can almost wave to the Mariners because this pool neighbors Safeco. Hellooo, Dustin Ackley!

1) Four Seasons Hotel, Seattle

Room rates: At least $375/night
The pool low-down: Just based on the view of Elliot Bay alone, the outdoor infinity pool at this downtown hotel is, quite frankly, the best. Not only is it open year 'round (except when the weather is "particularly bad," says the concierge), but it also offers services like "Evian Spritz and Lavender Chilled towels." They don't mess around.