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Get a Free Home, Then be Dubbed Lord of the Village

Looks like Tehaleh isn't the only place that's giving away free homes. Well, sort of. A post on Craigslist promises a "FREE HOME" in Eatonville to anyone...who purchases the 20 acre lot on which it's situated. While the house isn't anything special -- a pretty standard 4-bed, 2,500 sq. ft. split-level -- we can dig that it comes with a 4-stall barn, a sizable pasture, "19 acres of marketable timber", if you're looking for some extra spending money, and costs $405,000. It seems like a pretty good investment, especially considering that after you deforest most of the land, you'll be able to build so many houses that you can resell. Think, you'll be able to construct your own mini-village of which you'll be deemed king/chief/lord. A solid investment, indeed.

· Listing: 2002 404th St. E. [Craigslist]