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Transitional Condo for Recent College Grads to Comfortably (Mentally) Acclimate to the "Real World"

With school back in session, it is probable that hoards of recent college grads are (soberly) waking up each morning at the crack of noon during these early days of September in their stuffed animal-filled, childhood room in the 'rents house, wondering how they'll ever be able to move on with life now that the glorious rage cage days of old are behind them. If their alma mater was a small-ish liberal arts college on the East coast, this condo in Queen Anne could serve as a good first step to help ease them into the "real world." The facade of the West Queen Anne School Condos would certainly help with the transition, as it could remind them of their first happy days of freshman year, moving into a new building to meet to new friends to start on a beautiful new journey. (And if that doesn't do it for them, show them the kitchen and they'll probably be overjoyed as it will remind them of their Jello shot headquarters back in the glory days.) As a 1-bed, 1.5-bath, 792 sq. ft. pad with a killer view of downtown and the water, a recent grad would be able to have a solid foundation on which to start becoming a real, functioning human.

Price tag: $349,950, plus $883 in HOA dues. Pricey, sure, but this point in student loan debt, what's few more hundred G's?

· Listing: 1401 5th Ave W Unit 410 [Estately]