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Gay-Friendly Condos (with Vacancies!) on Capitol Hill

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Granada's Apartments on Capitol Hill is making headlines in a not-so-positive way. The Stranger's SLOG reports that Breier-Scheetz Properties, LLC-owned apartment and condo buildings located in the gay-friendliest city in Seattle not only donated $20,000 to Preserve Marriage Washington, but also tried to "prevent two tenants from hosting a pro-gay-marriage fundraiser in the courtyard" of this 96-unit building. King County property records show that there are 438 apartment and condo units owned by the company and now, outraged by the anti-gay sentiments espoused by the property managers, some tenants are looking for alternate living arrangements. (Perhaps a place where their rent won't be used to fund a campaign that undermines their lifestyle.)

While Capitol Hill is not particularly known for it's "affordable housing" per se, those looking for more gay-friendly housing units are in luck. There are a few condos on the market that are a little more wallet-friendly and will also "allow" that rainbow flag to fly high. Here's a small sampling of what's out there:

· 606 E Thomas St. Unit E -- Captiol HIll -- 1-bed, 1-bath, 500 sq. ft., $108,500 +$350 HOA dues
· 1400 Hubbell Pl Unit 612 -- Capitol Hill -- 1-bed, 1-bath, 572 sq. ft., $109,950 + $318 HOA dues
· 2350 10th Ave E Unit 106 -- Capitol Hill -- 1-bed, 1-bath, 557 sq. ft., $112,000 + $218 HOA dues
· 1125 E Olive St. Unit 403 -- Capitol Hill -- 0-bed. 1-bath, 506 sq. ft., $115,000 + $225 HOA dues
· 606 E Thomas St. Unit P -- Capitol Hill -- 1-bed, 1-bath, 500 sq. ft., $119,950 + $350 HOA dues

· Capitol Hill Building Owners Donate $20,000 to Anti-Gay Marriage Group After Allegedly Attempting to Stop Pro-Gay Marriage Fundraiser From Taking Place in Their Apartment Building [SLOG]
· Estately [official site]