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Best "Hoarders"-Worthy Collections at This Week's Estate Sales

Estate sales constantly prove to be a source of joy for bargain hunters and antique collectors alike; a haven especially for real estate junkies with a voyeurism problem, and a paradise for fans of the reality TV show "Hoarders", as these are essentially like a live taping. At the very least, these kinds of "house cleansings" are entertaining to peruse just to see what folks have chosen to amass over the years. Of the dozens of estate sales that are going on this weekend, we've found a few quirky ones that are selling off their hyper-specific collections of various goods.

1) 1937 12th Ave W Unit 2 -- Queen Anne Estate Sale

Sale dates: 9/7 - 9/8

Collection of note: Either this lady was a professional potter, married a dozen times over, or just British. How else are we to justify the amount of "fine china" she has amassed over the years? Especially of note is her rather extensive collection of decorative tea pots, although curiously enough, there doesn't appear to be a single matching set. Then again, knowing little to nothing about tea-culture, maybe that's not the "in" thing to have these-a-days...

2) 218 S 184th -- Burien Lifetime Estate

Sale Dates: 9/7 - 9/9

Collection of note: It's hard to say whether the owners of this house were more passionate about music or had an obsession with time. Mostly we just want to know where on earth did these folks kept their massive clock collection and why they even have a handful of duplicates.

3) 3275 S 366th St -- Auburn Estate Sale

Sale Dates: 9/8 -9/9

Collection of note: So many (antique) dolls, so little time, all peacefully sitting on the couch to terrify any passers-by. The more life-sized ones in particular make us wonder where all the children that once grew up in that house went...Or maybe we should really be wondering why we watched so many episodes of Goosebumps as a kid.

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