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What $1,000/Month Can Rent You In Capitol Hill

Welcome back to Curbed Comparisons, a column that explores what one can rent for a set dollar amount in various Seattle neighborhoods. Is one man's studio another man's townhouse? Let's find out! Today's price: a cool $1,000/month.

? Let's start at 535 13th Ave E where we're treated to a very, uh, Seattle view. For $975/month, this 700 sq. ft. studio condo has all the essentials and plenty of open space to make it your own. The ominous empty chairs and lantern waiting in the living is a great set for your next two-person show.

? Next up is Apartment #103 at 323 16th Ave E. According to the listing, "YOU WILL FALL IN LOVE WITH THE UNIQUE 1930'S ARCHITECHTURE OF THIS STUDIO," so I guess you don'r have much of a say in the matter. Just pony up the $1,000/month and get to loving your new 500 sq. ft. space.

? Next, let's head over to 620 Malden Ave E where Apartment 2 is on the market for $1,050/month. So why spend the extra $50/month for this 1-BR? Well, you're looking at a fully-remodeled place with new kitchen decor, new bedroom carpets, new bathroom cabinets and a fresh coat of paint (although you hope most places would have that).

? Finally we land at 309 Belmont Ave E, where the listing tells us this 1-BR is a "Great Apartment in Great location!" And real estate listings don't lie, so... It's the top floor unit on the South side so you'll get some good light. It's $1,065/month but you're getting the added value of an intercom system and washer-dryer in the building. Those of us who have lived without a washer/dryer nearby know its true value.

So there you go. Four places in the $1,000/month range in Capitol Hill. If you had your choice, which one would you choose?

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