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The Worst Commute In The West Belongs To Shelton, WA

Seattlites don't expect to have a worst commute than San Francisco or Los Angeles but we at least figured our commute was the worst here in the state of Washington. Turns out we got beat out by tiny Shelton, the westernmost city on Puget Sound.

According to On The Numbers, 27.2 percent of Shelton commuters are on the road for 45 minutes or more and the average commute time is 31.9 minutes. Compare that to Seattle where 18.2% of commutes last 45 minutes or longer and average commute time in 27.6 minutes.

Of course, Seattle is probably to blame for Shelton's poor commute since many of those drivers are likely making their way here (90 minute drive) or Olympia (30 minute drive).

Other Washington cities with rough commutes include Bremerton-Silverdale (29.9 min. avg.), Centralia (26.8 min.) Mt. Vernon-Anacortes (25.3 min.) and Olympia (25 min.).

The best commuting time in Washington? All the way out in Walla Walla, where the average commute time is 15.3 minutes.

Check out all of the commuting numbers here.

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