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Color Splash Makes Big Difference For 3-BR Leschi Home

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First, let's take a look at the Victorian 3-BR farmhouse at 2760 S Main St. how it used to be.

It looks, you know...okay. It's fine. Do we need all those satellite dishes? Not that they're detracting too much because, know.

Now let's look at the place after we've wiped the crust out of its eyes, slapped a couple different coats of paint on it and turned her into a proper lady:

Green Canopy Homes did an artful renovation on this 1908 home, brightening her up inside and out. The home is now Certified Built Green and energy efficient as well.

Inside, there's lots of open, sleek space throughout. A wrap-around deck connects the master bedroom to the kid's room, which can be a real positive or a real negative, depending on who's sneaking up on who.

This new and improved home will certainly now stand out from the crowd. It doesn't really have a choice.

· 2760 S Main St. [Zillow]