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Five Hot Homes In Seattle's Hottest Neighborhood, North Maple Leaf

Redfin decided to find out what the hottest real estate neighborhoods in the country are and Seattle's own North Maple Leaf made the cut as the tenth hottest nabe in the nation.

With listings down 44% but sales up 15% and prices up 22% since last year, North Maple Leaf homes don't stay on the market very long.

"North Maple Leaf is in the Roosevelt School district and has lower prices than some of the surrounding neighborhoods like Wedgewood and Ravenna. There is easy access to I-5 South to commute to downtown. Homes that go on the market sell very quickly in this area."

So we better check out what's available in North Maple Leaf ASAP to find out what makes these homes so great before they're gone. Let's go!

Address: 1011 NE 102nd
Rooms: 3-BR, 1.75 bath
Sq. Feet: 1,920
Price: $450,000
Skinny: This updated Maple Leaf Craftsman sits on a huge 6K sq. ft. lot, has a lot of updated features and an oversized garage for all those weird things you do in the garage late at night. The house itself is...nice, but you get a lot of land with it.

Address: 857 NE 100th St.
Rooms: 5-BR, 1.75 bath
Sq. Feet: 2,400
Price: $349,500
Skinny: Five bedrooms (well, four bedrooms and a utility room) for $350K in a nice neighborhood? Now we're talking. Of course, there's that note in the listing that "Plumbing has been re-done...Loads of investment potential," which means that great price is undercut by what's to come in repairs. Still, plenty of opportunity to make this place into something spectacular.

Address: 9723 Roosevelt Way
Rooms: 3-BR, 2.5 bath
Sq. Feet: 1,800
Price: $406,000
Skinny: This "craftsman-insprired" townhome comes with a master suite and private loft in what looks like a shady corner of Maple Leaf. Love the wood floors and open space that provides plenty of potential and the ceiling in the loft which gives it a funky, Cubist kind of feel. That's way artsy for a townhome.

Address: 1233 NE 97th St
Rooms: 5-BR, 3.75 bath
Sq. Feet: 3,390
Price: $674,900
Skinny: This three-story charmer was built in 2002 and featues hardwood floors, a formal dining room and two bedrooms on the first and second levels while the master suite takes over the top. But it's those random poles that concern us. You know you'll spend your whole time living there saying to yourself, "don't walk into the poles, don't walk into the poles" and invariably, you will.

Address: 403 NE 94th St.
Rooms: 3-BR, 1 bath
Sq. Feet: 1,510
Price: $395,000
Skinny: This older home has received recent updates with new carpet, electrical, floors, gutters and more. Probably the most "down to Earth" of the homes we've seen, it looks like the world went and grew up around it while it tried to maintain it's simple elegance with landscaping and an insular yard. If you don't mind those apartment-folk neighbors, you might find a good deal here. Plus, you're blocks from the mall. Auntie Anne pretzels are just a hop, skip and a jump away.


2025 1st Avenue, #6, Seattle, WA 98121