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New SoDo Arena Designs Go Green

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If this were an episode of Portlandia, then the SoDo arena designs would have always included elaborate, over-the-top environmental & green features. The entire arena would probably be made from kale. In reality, we're not quite there but the new SoDo arena designs that have been released certainly make up for the previous one's lack of environmentally-friendly features.

The new designs boast an arena that includes rain gardens, vine walls and a plan to capture and reuse rainwater.

It also now resembles something of an engine turbine facing upward. That or the Pit of Sarlaac (Anyone? Anyone?)

An early design guidance meeting will be held on January 22nd to discuss the designs. No word on whether or not this is what Chris Hansen and his team are sticking with or if it will evolve once again.

As for the basketball team that will play in said arena, that remains unresolved. Despite reports last week that the Sacramento Kings would be headed to Seattle to become the Sonics, no deal is in place yet. Stay tuned.

So, how do you feel about this latest design? Meet your environmental needs or just make you wonder what the heck they were thinking?

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