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Mars Hill Church's Move Courts Controversy

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Mars Hill Church is no stranger to controversy here in Seattle and the recent relocation of their downtown congregation to 811 5th Avenue in Downtown Seattle. Given the make-up of the nearby Cap Hill neighborhood, it's already an interesting crowd to throw a megachurch into. And that's before the church sent out an email with a rather controversial message from pastor Tim Gaydos to it's parishioners.

"This is an incredible opportunity to be a ministry hub for downtown Seattle as it will allow us to better serve the business men and women in our city, as well as the homeless and marginalized, as we're closer to one of our ministry. Also, being closer to Capitol Hill is a blessing as we are serving and ministering to those who are infected with AIDS on the hill." Many are taking this to be a very crude way to say the church will be reaching out to the gay community in Cap Hill. Considering Mars Hill does not allow openly gay members, it makes for a curious proposition. How will they help and who in the community will work with them? As you might imagine, The Stranger and other folks have a lot of questions.

Something tells us it's gonna take more than a couple rounds at OutWest Bar for many in Cap Hill and their new Mars Hill neighbors to see eye-to-eye.

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