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The Fixer-Upper To End All Fixer-Uppers Hits The Market

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There are "fixer-uppers." There are houses that need "a little TLC." There are homes described as a "contractor's dream." And then there is this 4-BR at 6521 21st Ave SW in West Seattle listed for $156,600.

Just to set the tone here, the real estate listing on Estately begins with:


It doesn't get any better as we go:

Portions of roof are missing and there has been a fire. Please use caution when touring this property. Call the Listing Office with any questions/concerns/comments if necessary.

Well, I'm sure all of the updates, remodels and changes you're going to do to it plus the financing options available will make it much more appealing.

Property is sold As-Is and is NOT eligible for FNMA's usually available HomePath financing options. Oh. Well, the house might be in dire straits but at least there's a garage for your fancy cars.

Detached, 3-vehicle garage is in back and also in rough shape.


(By the way, we really, really hope that's paint on that purple wall in the bedroom.)

· 6521 21st Ave SW [Estately]