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Kitsap County Fences Their Bikini Baristas In

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Kitsap County is totally fine with coffee stands that offer an "adult-themed" barista experience, they just want to make sure that experience is taking place behind a giant fence.

The Kitsap County commissioners voted unanimously Monday to require adult-themed barista stands such as Espresso Gone Crazy "to install an 8-foot-high fence or landscape front of windows that face the street or other businesses" as well as meet other standards.

Any new stand must be 800 feet from any school, public park, library or church and must post signs denoting that they are not family-friendly. There are currently three coffee stands in the county that must follow these requirements.

So if you didn't already feel like a creep for ordering coffee from a mostly-naked woman in a tiny booth that you drive up to, the giant fence you'll have to drive past to get there should do the trick.

· Commissioners approve regulations governing sexy coffee stands [Kitsap Sun]