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Hidden Home At Beans Bight On Bainbridge Going For $4.3M

Hidden away at the very end of Beans Bight Road on Bainbridge Island, tucked behind a gate in a secluded spot, you'll find this 2-BR, 3-bath, one-level home. This house comes with a lot of privacy and a lot of windows so enjoy the Puget Sound views as long as you want, no one's coming to bother you.

The home itself is 5,400 square feet and rests on a lot 56K square feet large, which includes a 1.3 acre lawn and 154-foot waterfront. You might want to keep your weekends open for mowing and upkeep. Then again, you paid $4.3M for the place, you can probably afford to hire someone else to do it.

Just keep an eye on that submarine in the Sound.

· 1710 Beans Bight Rd NE, Bainbridge Island [Zillow]

Waterfront Park

1401 Alaskan Way, , WA 98101 Visit Website