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Your Parents Are In Town, Which Seattle Buildings Must They See?

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It's Friday and it's time to hear from the crowd. Have something you want discussed among the fine Curbed readers? Send it this way.

The Space Needle. Pike Place Market. Seattle Underground Tour. Whenever you have guests in town, you always end up taking them to the same spots and chances are they're probably just as bored as you but no one wants to say anything. So maybe it's time to add some new spots to your out-of-town visitor repertoire. If you want to give your next visitor's trip a little architectural excitement, which Seattle (or Puget Sound area) buildings must they visit? Would you consider the Seaboard Building stop-worthy? What about the Olympic Hotel? Is there a home that just needs to be seen to be believed? Readers, name your favorites, and we'll cull the comments and the tipline to highlight the favorites on Tuesday.

Fairmont Olympic Hotel

411 University St., Seattle, WA 98101

Space Needle

400 Broad Street, , WA 98109