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Live Like A Top Chef For Cheap: Olive 8 Condo For $400K

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Any fan of Top Chef this season will recognize the Olive 8 from the many, many, many (many) establishing shots of the contestants' home during the competition. The chefs spend their downtime in the penthouse, one of Seattle's most expensive condos.

However, you don't need to be Tom Douglas to live in this fancy-schmancy building. Case and point, this 1-BR condo in Olive 8 that just hit the market for $395,000.

Sure, you don't get to live with a bevy of awkward, uber-competitive, crazy people who prepare food for a living, but you do get a ridiculous step-out balcony that gives you one hell of a view of downtown Seattle.

It's 650 square feet but look what's packed into that. It's snug but you get some very swanky kitchen, bathroom and living room fixtures to wedge yourself around. And besides, if the pictures are truthful (as they always are in real estate listings), then you can fit a pool table in there with ease.

Today's quickfire challenge? Find $400K (plus $326 in HOA fees) in your bank account. GO!

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Olive 8

737 Olive Way, Seattle, WA 98101