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What Minimum Wage Can Rent You In Seattle

The minimum wage in Washington went up 15 cents to $9.19 per hour yesterday. It might not be much but it certainly can't hurt those making it. Especially if they're trying to pay rent on their Seattle apartment or home. We did a little fancy match (read: not fancy math) and figured out that a minimum wage worker who puts in 40 hours/week will gross roughly $1,470/month and net approximately $1,200. While it's not logical to assume 100% of that money would go towards rent, we wanted to take a look at what a month's worth of minimum wage might get you around town...

? We begin in the Blue Ridge Apartments in Crown Hill. A little spartan on the inside but certainly nothing to sneeze at. Plus you're basically right in between Golden Gardens and Carkeek Park.

? Capitol Hill is certainly an option, especially at a place like Heights on Capitol Hill, which features a 432 square foot apartment in the heart of the action. You get a lot of building amenities for your money here, including a rooftop deck, gym and easy access to Broadway/Olive businesses.

? Over in West Seattle, there's Jefferson Square, where you can get a 800 square-foot 1-BR. You'll also get some lovely amenities like a courtyard, modern appliances and a general office for work/web.