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3-BR Magnolia Townhome Tries Not-So-Subliminal Advertising

Is it us or is there something about this 3-BR Magnolia townhome that's just calling out for you to buy it? We can't quite put our finger on it but we're getting a very clear message. We'll go buy it right after we pick up some red daisies...

It's understandable why we're getting that mysterious message. The light-filled townhome comes with bamboo flooring, slab granite, vaulted ceilings and no HOA dues added on to the $375K asking price.

The home office space is perfect for making yourself look really busy. Just tack a whole bunch of papers on your board and no one will ever accuse you of being lazy. Look at all the papers you're working on! So many papers!

· 3449 21st Ave W [Estately]