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Celebrating The Homes Along Martin Luther King Jr. Way

Today we mark the birthday of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to honor the man at the forefront of the civil rights movement. It's one of many honors he received posthumously, another of which is having over 700 streets named after him around the United States.

Here we have Martin Luther King, Jr. Way, an eight-mile stretch between Seattle and Renton. As we turn our attention to MLK, let's also take some time today and turn our attention towards the real estate currently on the market along the street that bears his name.

? We start at 913 Martin Luther King Jr Way where Unit B is listed for $345K. This 2-BR, 4-bath townhome is designed by B9 Architects and features stainless steel appliances, maple cabinets and granite/quartz countertops.

? Next we travel to 357 Martin Luther King Jr Way where this 2-br, 1-bath home is listed for $255K. Currently in foreclosure, the home has a lot of potential and has had a lot of visible upgrades made to it.

? Now we travel to 725 Martin Luther King Jr Way where a very cool 1914 5-BR building provides a lot of possibilities for potential buyers. Buyers are encouraged either to restore the home to its former glory or consider the 3,000 sq. ft. lot as a spot for new construction.