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Sonic Boom: Basketball Returning To Seattle, Arena Challenges Remains

The group led by Chris Hansen has purchased the NBA's Sacramento Kings with the intention of moving them to Seattle where they'll become the "new" Seattle Sonics. The sale still needs to be approved by the league, which is considered a formality.

However, before Sonics fans break out the bubbly, there are still a lot of issues and legwork to get through.

The $490 million SoDo arena that the city has approved is in the midst of a design process that remains up in the air. Even if the arena designs are approved and construction begins this year, it will still be at least two years before it's ready for tipoff. That means the team would have to play in Key Arena, the old home of the Sonics, until then.

Then there's the lawsuits, both of them. One filed by the dockworkers union at the Port of Seattle and one filed on behalf of Seattle taxpayers. It remains unclear how effective either will be but both want to make sure the SoDo arena doesn't happen.

Regardless, assuming the deal goes through, it's an exciting time for Seattleites. The Sonics are back! Kinda! Maybe!

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